#LeadingBR: Barton Leadership Program

In order to serve on a nonprofit board, one must possess leadership, knowledge, and confidence in doing what’s right for the cause at hand. Young professionals can expect to learn just that when they enroll in Forum 35’s Barton Leadership Program.

The Barton Leadership Program is for young professionals from all industries looking for leadership opportunities in the community. It helps them not only be prepared to serve on a nonprofit board but to also find their voice behind the cause.

Once enrolled, young professionals will have the chance to network with like-minded individuals wanting to make a difference in the nonprofit community while learning to serve as an effective board member. First they will learn the basics of a board, including different structures and protocols. Then participants will gain knowledge in skills such as how to assess the fiscal health of an organization, handle ethical situations, make a fundraising ask and more.

Members will also receive the chance to meet and learn from community leaders including local executive directors, board chairs, and fundraising professionals. Throughout the course, each session will feature a leader specific to the discussion who will share their insight as well as their guidance. Students are encouraged to ask questions and seek advice throughout the 2.5 hour courses.

The finale of the program is a nonprofit meet & greet with local nonprofits seeking potential board members. From there, each participant will be able to interview with representatives from local participating nonprofits using the information and knowledge they gained from the Barton Leadership Program.

The course continues for four weeks, however the knowledge and experience continues long after. The Barton Leadership prepares young professionals to leave a lasting impact on Baton Rouge just as John W. Barton, Sr. did.

For more information regarding the program and how to apply can be found at forum35.org/barton.

Also, please see the #LeadingBR video.

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