Doing Baton Rouge Restaurant Week Right

Dig Baton Rouge Restaurant Week Baton Rouge XI is next week and you definitely wanted todo it right! Geaux Rouge is pleased to be a community supporter and sponsor of the event. Enjoy 3-course meals at 50+ of Baton Rouge’s best restaurants for a fraction of the cost during Restaurant Week Baton Rouge, January 15-20! When you arrive, just ask for the Restaurant Week menu to take part in the 3-course menus.

Here are some tips:

1. We suggest looking at the menus on and making a plan for which restaurants you want to visit throughout the week. There are over 50 restaurants and plenty of dining options, but with some planning you can really get a great experience.

2. We advise calling in advance and making reservations. Some only do dinner. Some do lunch and dinner. Restaurants definitely fill up.

3. Try new places! One of the best parts of the Restaurant Week is the value. You can explore the menus of some of the best spots in Baton Rouge.

4. Photo and post! There’s also a charity component of the week! $2 will be donated to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank for every Restaurant Week photo tagged #eatBR on Instagram during the week, up to $5000. So enjoy some great restaurants, take some photos and post, and help a great charity! It just makes sense.

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