Geaux Rouge is starting a new leadership initiative in Baton Rouge entitled Leading BR. We are celebrating leaders that are making a difference in our community and, through their efforts, cultivating future leaders. We will have monthly spotlights, interviews, and a leadership expo in 2018. The program will be sponsored by the Borghardt Law Firm and other organizations dedicated to #LeadingBR. The initiative will spotlight people in the Baton Rouge community who are leading by example.

We are starting with Ryan Harris and The Chess Academy of Greater Baton Rouge. The academy uses chess as a tool to develop the mind, reading, math abilities, and critical and analytical thinking skills, while providing character building tools and resources to build self-esteem.

The academy teaches that chess is designed to create failures and successes, as in life, therefore you must learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. He who makes fewer mistakes and capitalizes on his opponents mistakes will be victorious.

Ryan is spearheading this movement and is planning the first course in February. Ages 5-17 will be welcomed. Next week we will post an interview of Ryan and provide details of The Chess Academy of Greater Baton Rouge.

Here’s our interview of Ryan Harris!

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