altBR Interviews Franz Borghardt of Geaux Rouge

 “Geaux Rouge is working to make Baton Rouge the epicenter of the cultural and culinary worlds. You should not have to go somewhere else to experience the amazing things we have here. Keep It Rouge!”-Franz Borghardt

Geaux Rouge recently was in the studio of altBR and was featured on their weekly podcast. We were excited to share a lively discussion about Geaux Rouge projects and things happening in Baton Rouge. It was exciting to have a conversation with a group that shares our passion for Baton Rouge. We discussed Geaux Rouge, Shogun Tacos, and a Mac and Cheese festival. 

altBR is a movement to bring the brightest minds in Baton Rouge under one roof to tackle some of the city’s most pressing issues. Is there something in our city that you don’t like? They invite you to serve. 

Listen to the recent episode:altBR Geaux Rouge Episode
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