Geaux Rouge Visits The Cap City Beer Fest 

The second annual Cap City Beer Fest was held Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 4th Street and Spanish Town Road, in front of the State Capitol in Downtown Baton Rouge. The charity event was family and dog friendly. Our favorite part of the event was that, while it was about beer, it was also about embracing the Baton Rouge community through providing an open and comfortable space that brought businesses and people from throughout our city together. And what better venue than at the steps of the State Capitol at Spanish Town?The event showcased local beers and beers from around the country and the world! The beers were amazing and there was something for everybody. Beyond plenty to sample. There was also food available from City Pork, Mestizo, and Kalurah Street Grill. The City Pork nachos were on point! 

There was music and a great community atmosphere. Proceeds benefit Companion Animal Alliance.We enjoyed some of our local favorites, Tin Roof and Southern Craft Brewing Company, as well as Parish, Covington Brewhouse, Abita Brewing Company , and much much more. We also loved Clown Shoes Beer! Just a great charity event on many levels. 

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