Geaux Rouge with Chad Townson Creations

By Franz Borghardt

Imagine a sea of sinker cypress and cedar. Abandoned pieces that are the leftovers. Orphans, all adopted and loved by Chad Townson of Chad Townson Creations. Townson, a self-taught artist, creates wood carved surrealism that mingles the spiritual with the stuff of dreams. Pelicans and angels. Birds and dragonflies. The organic with a gothic edge, as subtle as steampunk allows. His creations have purpose while obeying the nature and history of the cypress canvas. You’ve seen his work in Gouter, Mestizos, and Driftwood Casket and Barrell, just to name a few spots.

 All unique, because no one is doing what he is doing. Oh and by the way, he has been in the restaurant industry for over 20 years, though he shies away from titles, such as “chef.”
Chad Townson and Joe Judy will be soft opening a new gallery during this year’s White Light Night in Mid City, The Collective. It will be located at 2678 government st. This gallery will showcase art and furniture while also hosting events that cultivate and encourage other artists. It will be a play that encourages uniqueness and exploration, just like Chad’s art.

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